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Sunday, February 12, 2006

Beware the dangers of French Kissing!

A study in Great Britain finds that teens who engaged in french kissing with multiple partners increased their risk of contracting spinal meningitis almost 4 fold.
This reminds me of a very funny story a friend of mine from college once told. When my friend was a freshman in college and his brother was a senior in high school, their dad decided it was time for "the talk". So he sat them down and handed out helpful advise like "if you keep one hand in your pants pocket at all times you can't get in too much trouble". Somewhere along the line he decided that what his sons really needed to know about were the great evils of french kissing. It was unsanitary, revved up the lust engines, gross and on and on. "The talk" mercifully ended when mom called them down to dinner.
Noticing how quiet everyone was at the dinner table their mother said, "Is everything alright? I hope you weren't too hard on them, honey."
"Oh, no. We just needed to have a little talk."
My friend's brother piped up, "Yeah, dad went on and on about french kissing."
To which his mother enthusiastically said, "Oh - your father is the best french kisser!"
Their dad tried to cut her off, but she took his discomfort to be embarrassment, "Oh no, honey you are. Remember when we were dating and we'd park the car and just french kiss for hours. You're still the best french kisser I've ever known."
At which point the boys were practically spewing milk out of their noses trying not to laugh and their dad excused himself from the table.
I thought it was pretty funny, but then again, maybe the guy had a point :P

Hat tip to William Saletan's Human Nature blog on


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