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Monday, April 10, 2006

Update on John Stossel's "Stupid in America"

A while back I blogged about John Stossel's report on American schools and the lack of competition which he says is leading them to be so mediocre. (You can read my previous post here.) The teacher's unions had a hissy fit and showed up outside his office to protest. (You can read his account of the protest, including some of the really dumb things the teachers there had to say here.) During the protest, the head of the New York City teacher's union challenged him to spend a week doing a teacher's job. Mr. Stossel said, "OK." After many meetings, manipulations and hedging, the schools backed out. Apparently the the thought of Americans being able to see so clearly into even one of their very best schools was too much for them. I mean, it's not like Americans are the ones paying for this whole thing - oh wait, we are paying for it! Now, tell me why?


  • Even if Stossel would have been in a school for one week, that wouldn't show him one thing about the difficulty of teaching in a public school. Only those who are ignorant of the public school system would not be able to see the difficulty of having a true experience as a reporter in a school. All of the hype would create a completely different experience than the one teachers face daily. If Americans are truly interested in what is going on at a school, they are more than welcome to visit the school and volunteer time.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 7:41 PM  

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